Trinity Preschool's specific approach is that of a Play-Based Program with a Fine Arts Focus in a Christian Environment.

Trinity Preschool works to supplement the meaningful family life of the child by providing them with regular association with others of the same age and maturity. This is done in a flexible environment planned and equipped especially for children under the thoughtful guidance of persons trained to promote their development. 

Children are encouraged to explore their environment and participate in both familiar and new activities.   They have a balance of indoor and outdoor activities,  vigorous play and quiet time, as well as, cooperative and independent activities. 

There are structured group activities such as singing, movement, and story time, along with free play opportunities on the playground equipment, at the painting easels, or in imaginative play with the many toys available.

Overall, it is the goal of Trinity Preschool to impart an appropriate preschool education in the primary disciplines with enrichment in language, number concepts, movement, and the creative arts.

The Daily Activity Schedule includes:

  • Arrival and sign in
  • Free play, indoors or out with art materials available
  • Structured activities depending on the day: Chapel, Music, or Enrichment
  • Age appropriate craft projects
  • Snack time
  • Quiet time
  • Indoor or outdoor play
  • Clean up
  • Dismissal
  • Parent pick up and sign out.



The climbing tree in the  play yard predates Bev, our current Director since 1972, and has been immortalized both in a poem by a parent and a painting that hangs in the Trinity library.  When Bev first came, the tree was green and on the other side of the fence.

 About 15 years ago, the tree could not be saved but it was brought into the playyard so that it would remain a fixture of Trinity and provide the children another space to explore.  

Trinity Episcopal Preschool

Special Program Activities

Chapel is twice a week in the church.  Chapel story time encourages listening skills and emphasizes positive social values.  Chapel is led by our Priest or Religious Education Liaison.  It includes songs and value based stories from the Bible or nature.  Stories are told with visual aids and children are encouraged to interact and ask questions. Parents are always welcome to attend. 

Singing time is twice a week and is taught in the Great Hall.  Children learn fun songs which reinforce academic concepts such as the alphabet, counting, and color recognition.  Often musical instruments are brought in to give the children an interactive experience.

Outside providers from a variety of disciplines visit Trinity Preschool and offer exposure to and information about everything from musical instruments to agriculture.  

Examples of our Enrichment Program activities include:

  • The Garden - The property adjacent to the Trinity parking lot on the south is known as the Cuyler House and belongs to the church. It has garden boxes in the back which have been planted with  fragrant herbs such as basil, mint, and lavender, along with pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, corn, squash, and beans.  The children visit the garden frequently throughout the year to plant, harvest, and learn about the various things growing in the different seasons.

  • Ozzie the Tortoise - Ozzie comes every year to visit the students.  The children enjoy petting his shell and spreading lettuce and apple pieces on the grass for Ozzie eat.  In addition, the children learn about the natural habitat of the tortoise and where they live in California.  

Throughout the year native Spanish speaking visitors come to Trinity and discuss the Spanish language and many Latin cultures throughout the world.  Children learn to use and recognize terms pertaining to plants, musical instruments, familiar objects and friends.